High school Academic year in Ireland

Studying for a full academic year or a term in Ireland will enrich your life in so many ways. You will become more fluent in English, experience Irish culture and at the same time begin to become more independent . CLI makes sure every detail of your trip is taken care of so you can focus on learning English, day-to-day living and experiencing Ireland.
Enjoy making new friends while experiencing an adventure you will never forget. This experience will help define you and will be a big advantage when planning your future career. Interested? Read more about the Academic year in Ireland.

Intensive English course with a private teacher

The reason this course is so successful is the focussed attention you receive from your experienced English teacher combined with the hospitality of your Irish host family. Because you will be living with a host family you will experience full immersion in the English language and you will see and feel great improvements in your language skills as a result.
You will receive English lessons tailor made to your needs, each morning. This leaves you plenty of time in the afternoons to go on activities or to explore the beautiful Irish countryside on your own.

English for Secondary School groups

Throughout the school year and especially during the summer we work with variously sized groups of students who want to improve their English in Ireland. A qualified and experienced English teacher visits your host family in the morning to teach your group. We guarantee that there will never be more than 4 students per class. We have found that this ratio of 4:1 works very well for students and teachers alike. So ask your friends if they can join you, it is more fun, and more affordable.

English for Business

We at Cork Language Institute have English trainers who have worked in multinational companies for years before retraining as English Language Instructors. Therefore they offer you the best of both worlds: as a qualified language trainer and native English speaker as well as having on the job experience they can easily navigate you through the lingo, expressions, terminology and vocabulary that you need to learn in order to up-skill at work. We can conduct training on-site or at your hotel or host family. We are currently working with Novartis International AG, PepsiCo Inc, Cartus international and Joe Walsh Studios.If you are looking to upgrade your communication skills, job vocabulary or just need to become more fluent in Business English then contact us now!