Dear Iris,

I’m pleased to hear from you.

Romy’s last stay in Cork was a full success: As you already know she had nearly full points in her speaking test and she also passed her school. Many thanks for it! Now she is working already for 4 months in a kinder garden. She started an education as a “nursery nurse” (Erzieherin in German).I’m sure you know this all, but we had no contact since Romy went to Ireland last year. Romy would love to see you and your family again. If she’ll organize a stay in Cork, I’ll support that.Have a good time and much greetings to your family!

With kind regards


Dear Iris,

Thanks a lot for these intensive courses English language. You knew how to help me and what my difficulties were. During these two weeks I improved my listening and reading skills, particularly in English business, making/handling calls, writing E-mail, … I learned lots of new vocabulary and I enjoyed to revise grammar rules, so simple but essential. Your home was very friendly and your children so lovely with me. Now learning English is a pleasure for me. See you soon I hope!
Yours sincerely
Noemie ELBAZ, (24) Student in the Sorbonne Graduate Business School, Finance

Chère Iris,
Un grand merci pour ces cours intensifs d’anglais. Vous avez su identifier mes difficultés et m’aider à reconstruire des bases. Durant ces deux semaines, j’ai pu améliorer mes connaissances en matière de compression orale et écrite, particulièrement en ce qui concerne l’anglais des affaires. J’ai enrichi mes connaissances grammaticales et lexicales. Enfin, j’ai beaucoup apprécié de vivre auprès de votre famille et vos deux petites filles qui m’ont beaucoup aidé en parallèle de vos cours. A présent, je retrouve le plaisir d’étudier l’anglais et j’espère que nous nous reverrons prochainement.
Bien à vous
Noémie ELBAZ, (24 ans) étudiante en Master 2 Finance à l’IAE de Paris 1, Panthéon – Sorbonne


I stayed in Ireland for 9 months. It was the first time I was away from my family but whenever I felt down Iris was there to listen to me and comfort me. She is a very nice and welcoming person (plus, she is a great cook!). Speaking in a foreign language all the time was not always easy at the beginning but she was very patient and made me feel comfortable. Not only did I improve my English but I also gained self-confidence, something that no other teacher managed to give me before. I have surely had one of the best years of my life with the Kettericks and now I try to go to Ireland as often as I can so I would definitely recommend the homestay experience to everyone!

Blandine Rellier (20), France

Dear teacher,
thanks so much for the time that you spent with me and my friends.
During the first week of internship (only week of English classes), I learned many things in English that I didn´t know.
And also I learned new things about other countries all over the world (Holland especially). I hope to come back one day and find you some day,
Or even better, meet you in Portugal.
Don´t forget to answer me!
I hope to see you very soon.

yours truly,

Stephanie Lourenco

PS. it was four hours per day during a week, but it was awesome! ROCK ON!
Stephanie Lourenco, (18), Portugal

Hello Iris,
J’espère que le séjour de Capucine c’est bien passé , elle est très contente de son séjour dans votre famille.

Merci and best regard…

Jean-Baptiste Michel
Father of a student (15) from Paris, France

The house has a lovely atmosphere, and the Kettericks were so welcoming that I felt at home the minute I walked through the door. My stay in Ireland was wonderful and my English improved so much. Iris is a great teacher who immediately understands the problems you have and knows how to help you with them. But more important for me was that I could practise every day. Even the kids were very patient and good to explain the words that I didn’t know, and it turned out to be really easy to have a proper conversation in English when it’s natural and relaxed.

Katrin Schroeder, (16) Hohenthan, Germany

Hello Iris!
I just wanted to thank you for the courses we had with you.
It was very interesting and you succeeded in making me like and be interested in the courses.
If we had always have a teacher like you at school I wouldn’t have needed such as courses.
So once again thanks!

Bonjour Iris!
Je voulais simplement te remercier pour les cours que tu nous as enseigné pendant ces deux semaines.
Tu as réussi à nous donner envie de venir en cours grâce à leur intérêt et ainsi me faire progresser dans mes points faibles.
Donc merci encore!
Yann Danielou, France

Dear Iris,
Thank you for those 2 weeks, I really enjoyed it. You were really attentive, attractive and I really did appreciate that.
I wish you the best for your teaching course.

Olivier, an Iris fan.

We had good times with you during these two weeks, thanks for all =)


¡Hola a todos!
Soy Adrián, de España, y tengo 16 años. Este verano pasé dos semanas en casa de Iris, en Cork, con ella y su familia, para mejorar mi nivel de inglés y preparar un examen de Cambridge, el First concretamente. Por las mañanas, tenía clase de inglés durante 4 horas, y todas las tardes hacíamos alguna actividad, con toda la familia, como visitar algún monumento o algo de la historia de Cork, o ir a la piscina, bolera,… En resumen, que pasé dos semanas increíbles, inolvidables. Y, gracias a ellos, he aprobado el FCE recientemente.

Un saludo,

In English for you to know what it’s written:

Hi everyone!
I’m Adrián, from Spain, and I’m 16. This last summer I spent two weeks at Iris’ house, in Cork, with her and her family, to improve my English level and to prepare a Cambridge exam, the FCE. In the morning, I had English lessons for 4 hours, and in the afternoon, we used to do any activity, such as visiting a symbol of Cork history, or going swimming, or bowling. In brief, those were two of the most awesome weeks ever for me, unforgettables. Moreover, thanks to them, I passed the FCE.