Welcome to Cork Language Institute

We are experienced in organising language courses in the home of English teachers for international students who want to improve their English.
Learning the language through immersion is proven to be the most successful method to master a language. Learning English in the home of your teacher is a very successful way of improving your English plus, you will get the chance to discover Ireland’s most beautiful places!

We are very passionate about combining learning languages with the adventure of travel abroad. Our programmes are dynamic and action packed. We ensure our students have a challenging and rewarding cultural and linguistic experience.

Please take a look at the video below to see why Ireland is the destination of choice when it comes to learning English.

Our second package is The high school year programme and consists of a student living with a host family for a part or full academic year.
The student will attend a regular local secondary school. Cork Language Institute provides the best quality English courses around.
We have attractive language travel packages at a very competitive price, and being bi-lingual ourselves we know what it takes to master a language.

Our instructors are State Qualified teachers with experience in General, Specific and Business English teaching. They are CELT (Cambridge English Language Teaching) trained and they are experienced in
teaching English as a foreign Language from their own home. Our qualifications are recognized by ACELS, the Advisory Council for English Language Schools in Ireland.